Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The world is not all doom and gloom: innocence still burns brightly

When someone gets sick it is all too often that the response is something negative, as if that person has gotten sick on purpose especially when it comes to employers. They tend to envisage that when someone is sick that it is more of a plight on the business and forget the human factor involved, particularly if it is an ailment that is mostly invisible to those who surround that person.
The only time when an affliction becomes serious is when it involves the likes of cancer, of course rightly so due to the fact that it is a condition that affects everyone around them emotionally, likewise the person who has cancer. I will go into detail another time about the relationship between employer and employee in certain sectors, especially when it comes to sickness within the workplace because the world is not all doom and gloom. This is the point where we head over to the USA for our story in particular to the state of Florida, where in Tallahassee a teacher has lung cancer now I know this is not news as cancer affects many people daily, however this story as a delightful sub-story to it because as we know their health service is almost entirely private, a session of chemotherapy can cost up to $700 which is roughly £480.
That is a lot of money even for someone who is in a well-paid profession (although not as good as it once was), chemotherapy on top of all the other bills that still have to be paid because even though someone could be terminal, that doesn’t mean businesses who take your money will truly care about the human factor involved, people are just numbers and statistics (it is how the sleep soundly at night). Nonetheless there is a nice sub-story to it because this teacher is a popular one and the parents raise money so she can get chemotherapy, except what makes this story complete is a small boy who emptied is piggy bank and donated $105.15. This small boy donated all the money he had saved up for himself and gave it to his teacher, the innocence is fantastic because he doesn’t understand why unfortunately money is important, he saw a human who needed help and gave everything he had to help.
This world has been diluted with money so much that the human factor has been forgotten in everything, we all strive for a better life and we have been brought up to associate a better life with having more money. Celebrity culture that has been thrown in our faces and marketing that define this generation, has sold us that having money will make us happier, this innocence defies this and everyone should contribute in promoting the human factor.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Republicans and the half-bred dunce

Sigh...they make a perfect team...

Words cannot describe or the right words have yet to be introduced into the English language, yet it is astounding what comes out of the mouths of those who are in positions of power and influence. A certain politician’s spokesperson, Katrina Pierson once tweeted (2012) questioning the lack of pure breeds in politics, now before we get to the crux of this absurdity because she could have come out and said by now that this was a mistake…uuhh not so much.

She wears a necklace made of bullets and often spoils us with wonderfully bizarre opinions that often land her in hot water, she genuinely said when asked if she wanted to comments she said “no, not at all. look, these tweets – I’m an activist, and I am a half-breed, I’m always getting a half-breed”. This was just a part of what she said however can we truly establish here that she is genuinely saying this comments? By her standards, her boss is a half-breed because his mother was born in Scotland and he himself has surely got to sigh with the latest remarks, this was an interview with CNN which she tried desperately to defend herself except she made herself sound more ridiculous.

She has managed to make this sound more like Harry Potter than real life politics, her employer could have similarities with Voldemort although he had a more difficult childhood so his turnout was more understandable, plus he was still more likeable than the man who brought us such quotes as; “you know, it really doesn’t matter what the media writes as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass” and “the wall will go up and Mexico will start behaving”, yes because a history of walls (physical and metaphorical) has been a great attributer to ‘good behaviour’. I am unsure what she was trying to get from her attempted defence as she sounded more confused by what she meant, got in a bit of mix and sounded more like a conspiracy theorist rambling on.

Whilst the republican presidential candidate race has taken a magical turn, there is still a scenario that means DT could become president of the most powerful country in the world. Whilst we all sigh in despair in the UK let us all be glad that our resident political muttonheads are slightly more refined, and be reminded of a one good quote from the half-bred dunce:

“One of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace. Good people don’t go into government”
Couldn’t agree more…

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Society is the problem, not immigration

There is one question that is the elephant in the room called Britain, why are the British addicted to drama and hate? Each day in the vast contingent of right wing newspapers there is usually some kind of reference as to why immigrants are evil, why the British are the best and why the world would be a better place if Diana was still alive (debatable). Immigration is often on the forefront of the public’s minds however should it be? Is it just a subject to deflect away from the real issue?

Firstly, yes it is just a subject to deflect away from the real issues because too many people don’t dig deep enough into an argument, they see a headline or article that resonates with their current belief and continue to believe that all the correct information was there, not actually doing any research for themselves therefore going away believing they have all the facts and possibly making decisions that could affect them negatively in the future. Hate filled newspapers that spread hate and animosity throughout the country with wrong information often at the front, negative images is the foundation of their desires so that they can push their political ideologies to the effect the outcome of who is in government, usually so that their friends are in power ensuring that the power gained by themselves as media moguls remains, consequently helping maintain the status quo and equality throughout the country that is rapidly widening. Immigration is usually the battleground for this because you can always claim that someone who doesn’t think immigration is a problem (which it isn’t), then they are disloyal to their country.

Immigration is often an argument used by those who are unhappy with their lot, who are bitter that they haven’t been able to make something real of their lives and aren’t talented enough in the areas they would like to be, so that they are a success at it. Bitterness is downward spiral that is difficult to get back from because it involves looking at yourself, being subjective and saying “this is what I got wrong”, which is one of the hardest tests a person can have however if you can’t be subjective about yourself then you leave no space to grow as a person. When you hate all you feel is anger, with this you are bound to get irate at every little thing in life plus you are more likely to see the negative in everything, the ability to see the positive in everything is hard but possible except you have to take a step back, and enjoy the little things in life. You cannot segregate and blame entire communities because there isn’t enough housing, nurses or jobs because it is up to the government to make sure there is enough for everyone.
It is not just hate and anger but also fear because it is the fear that leads to anger that subsequently leads to hate, it is a vicious cycle that needs to be stopped for a society to grow stronger, however this requires the strength of character from everyone to look at society as a whole and subjectively pick where the flaws are from every social class that does exist.

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Understanding segregation...

Gummy bears understand more than Cameron

“Segregation drives us apart – not together”, I whole heartedly agree with this statement due to the fact that it is true, in our personal lives and in national politics. The truth of the matter is that as our media and government continue to segregate entire communities with their political rhetoric and sound bites, to tempt the public to vote their way in the next general election or any other election/referendum (EU in this case). There is one issue with this particular statement and the irony can’t fail create a chuckle, this was the title of an article written in The Times by none other than David Cameron.

The fact that he wrote this means that he is fully aware of the issues facing a lot of minorities in this country, but cannot comprehend the fact that more damage is done when he allows Rupert Murdoch’s media domination to inflict hate-agenda filled articles on the public, that do more damage than good. He talks about understanding the root causes to tackle the issue and of course I agree however in this case, the root cause tend to be his friends with money and in government who put policy ideas such as immigrants have to earn a minimum of 35k a year after 5 years of living, it would take a monumental effort to escape the atrocities in Syria then rebuild a life to earn over 35k in real life. I know refugees would be treated slightly different seeing that they are refugees however how many after 5 years would then be classed as ‘economic migrants’ (I dislike the term as immigration isn’t actually an issue in this country), how many would Theresa May deport because she has a clear power complex with sociopathic tendencies.

David Cameron speaks about segregation after he let is health secretary Jeremy *unt segregate an entire public service, along with the majority of the public who voted for them back in may! He is segregating families on lower wages because he takes issue with those who don’t work hard for their money, even more ironic is that he barely has had to work for his money or position. He talks of the “important connection to extremism” as he continues to bomb Syria with no forward thinking plan, continues to support media establishments who print stories with made up statistics that add to the prejudice that is growing, the colleagues who put through policy that damages the hardest working people of this country and claims they need to work harder, and ignores the crisis of the steel industry to establish a connection with a country whose economy is growing slower than ever (China). He doesn’t quite understand that a lot of issues we face is a direct cause of him and his government’s actions, it seems he is that disconnected with the real world that he cannot grasp basic concepts of segregation but writes about it in an article for a paper that has traditionally more of a right wing readership.

Segregation is an issue that must be tackled but not at the root because the problem is with the top, it is not a deep engrained issue with society but a small wound on the surface that can be easily plastered whilst it is small, however society may fall into the trap that the fear of the unknown creates an easy playground for the big media moguls to control people using that fear. Our saving grace is that our country will now always be a democracy and we will have people who will fight for us at the top, but those are becoming fewer and we have to get out of this rut in thinking that this is our lot so live with it.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A long overdue change?

We may no longer see the sight of our top athletes pretending
to know the lyrics.

God Save the Queen is one of the most recognisable national anthems around the world, alas it is also one of the most mind numbing and there are many that would have you believing that it isn’t. Nonetheless it is our national anthem and it has to be sung at sporting events involving the UK and England separately (even though the likes of wales and Scotland have their own), or is this not going to be case anymore?

As it has been reported that MPs are debating whether the national anthem will change for sporting events involving England, however when it is involving the UK as a whole God Save the Queen will remain as the national anthem. The result doesn’t really matter to me but it would be nice to have something different because, let us be perfectly honest, it is a bit drab and doesn’t exactly inspire mostly because the tune itself is a little bit monotone, very boring with no spark. Again no sleep would be lost over the result, however the issue raised is the way it has been reported in several outlets, which has raised a few eyebrows and generally been strange to see, not only what some media places have headlined but what people have commented on the subject matter. Trust me, reading them is hilarious however the reason they have not been linked because they don’t deserve publicity, because they are ridiculous on a scale that is only ever seen, when people get irate over absolutely nothing.

The Daily Express, “MPs back plans to scrap God Save the Queen and bring in new English national anthem” – I take two issues and the first being the word ‘scrap’ because this implies that it is being removed permanently, when it is only at sporting events however it also implies that this is a negative move, probably thinks the government will commit treason over the royal family next although there was no mention of Diana, can only imagine that the writer had a fleeting moment of madness. Britain’s First have also weighed in but for the life of me cannot find the link that was initially found, however they did say something that essentially equated to how the government are being anti-British, not really important they are a bit thick anyway. The Daily Mail were actually slightly supportive probably much to their distaste, The Independent reported it as it should be reported, the information was given and you decide whether it is wrong or not, no particular ‘side’. The comments were extreme (I know the sites don’t help the case) because somehow people were blaming immigrants, I am not sure how they made the leap.

Personally it is probably the right thing to do because currently it isn’t inspiring, the song is drab and dull and has been around since 1715 in the wake of the Jacobite rebellion, so a possible representation of highlands cleansing that was attempted. Perhaps the time for change has come, where we should embrace it and accentuate the positive aspects of our English heritage, where change, diversity and multiculturalism is a prominent postive.

Monday, 11 January 2016

A right kerfuffle, no real change

The focus of this post is Jeremy Corbyn and his cabinet reshuffle where we saw Hilary Benn keep his role, after much deliberation that he would be ‘let go’ after his passionate speech in the commons during the Syria debate. It was widely reported by many media outlets and the ‘knives’ were apparently out in force, for those who opposed against Corbyn and his clique, but in reality it was much subtler and very munch underwhelming but what did we actually learn from this?

It has very much become a right reshuffle kerfuffle because of the outcome and the way it was reported, Like I already said Hilary Benn kept his role, Maria Eagle was moved from shadow defence secretary because of her pro-trident views into Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, replaced by the anti-trident voice of Emily Thornberry. Pat McFadden losing is job to Pat Glass, Corbyn can give himself a ‘pat’ on the back for that one (sorry, couldn’t resist), McFadden lost out for being ‘disloyal’ and so did Michael Dugher who was shadow culture secretary. Since the reshuffle that have be a spat of resignations and not just by Blairites, but by those who feel the direction of the labour party is the wrong one; Kevan Jones resigned, Stephen Doughty resigned live on the BBC (shouldn’t have done this but it’s happened can’t whine about it too much), Catherine McKinnell also resigned the day this was written, so there was much fallout from what should be known as a reshuffle kerfuffle.

Surely though what we have really learnt is that Jeremy Corbyn isn’t actually much different from other politicians, there have been only two changes he has done that have really stood out to make the public think that he is actually progressive, one of them was to create the cabinet position Shadow Secretary for Mental Health and appoint women to around half of his cabinet. He has now appointed MPs in positions where their views are the same has him leading to a seemingly more unified frontbench, having said that with the series of resignations it would seem that he has lost support of the moderates, let alone the loud opposition from the Blairites. He isn’t as progressive as most would have us think because a prime example is Justin Trudeau the Canadian PM, he has appointed people who are experts in their field in each cabinet position, a former family physician being in the department of health, a former farmer being minister of agriculture and agri-food, a successful business man who studied economics at LSE as minister of finance and so on, not only that his cabinet is 15 women and 15 men.
What have we learned? Jeremy Corbyn is a nice guy who is now the labour leader, which you could argue that a lot of his views on modern politics are progressive if you are living in the 1980s. I will continue to support him because I do agree with fair few of his policies, except his ideas of political reform and change seem to be limited to cosmetic change.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Unnaturalgeek: the memoirs of Dr Neo Periwinkle Cortex

I never meant any harm...

Why do they not understand what I have been through, those people use Crash to get to me except he is too blind and been manipulated by that whack hippy witch doctor Aku Aku. They don’t understand me or the what I have been through in the past, they assume that I want world domination because that is what I enjoy, but this is simply not true due to the only thing in this world I long for is acceptance, will I never experience this?

The world has been cruel to me plus my family where circus clowns, where they claimed I was the freak?! All I wanted to do was to read and learn about science, about the wonder of this world to do good but all I gained was ridicule, torment, and this N on my head nonetheless I have pursued my passion to the point where I may have accidentally incapacitated my entire family, it was an accident I swear however no-one believed me the they brushed me aside calling me a freak, all on my own at the age of 3 to fend for myself with this N that stands for nerd as a reminder that I have no home to return to.

At 6 I went to high school and met my best friend Nitrus Brio, he like me was incredibly intelligent but also tormented, we got along brilliantly where it was finally a relief to find someone who shares the same passions as me and understands me perfectly. We accidentally destroyed the school and most of the surrounding town, this was an accident however we did not get any support and we had find other ways to make friends, but at our academy that we attended Brio created the Evolvo-Ray so finally a chance for us if we weren’t able to make friends amongst our own species, we can create friends using animals!
I was meant to change their views of me and become a hero, but more ridicule as befallen upon me during this war in Vietnam even though my ideas were nearly workable, what am I to do? The scientific community mocked me for my ideas but I will prove them wrong, they have made an enemy of the wrong man and now they will all tremble before me! Don’t they understand that acceptance and friendship is all I wanted? Crash, please don’t do help these people because I created you to be friends except you didn’t want that, so you had to go! I never threw you away, you have to understand this…