Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Have We All Forgotten The Refugees?

It is contrasting and extremely worrying when you read that the UK are pulling out its last 2 rescue ships from the Mediterranean, then you see someone complaining about their car insurance. What about the 15 lives lost recently? If your car breaks down beyond repair you can buy a new one, if a human loses a life, that human is lost forever and there will be no-one like that again on this planet. 

It would seem the UK has forgotten of the tragedy that is happening outside of the spit of land we live on, which is what I posted about before. Fear that we would forget about the true issue that we all face, and I will continue to write about it, I will continue to raise the awareness, keep it as much as I can in the eye and lives of the people I know. We all need to remember that we are all lucky, we live in a society of choice, whereas they do not, well I lie, they do have a choice, 2 to be more precise and no its not life or death, it is simply certain death or a possible chance of life. As the first picture of Aylan Kurdi appeared in the public eye, so many calls on the government to do more were heard, however now the voices have quietened down, and they have withdrawn the rescue ships, why?

I do not know why, did they feel it was a waste of resources? Probably, are they right? No, they are wrong, do they think that if they slyly move away from the situation without making too much of a racket about it people will not notice? Do they honestly think that ignoring the situations means it will resolve itself? Who knows, but I honestly don't know what the British public can think at times, ignoring the problem won't make it go away. Even if you can't do anything yourself, just stop to think what you have in your life, stop and think what they don't have. If you can still say your life is still bad then either you are one of those unfortunate people, or you are a hypochondriac with very little human left in you.

How can we deny HUMANS moments of sheer joy like this!
When the media started dehumanising these people to fit their own agendas, they were dehumanising the wrong people, they should've been dehumanising themselves, as they are the ones who have no trace of humanity left in them. Unfortunately they target the vulnerable, much like the current Tory government, no wonder they were so reluctant to help, they were targeting them, because they are unable to fight back, and they didn't want to perhaps been seen to be pulling the trigger themselves?

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

The World Is Enough

We live in a changing world, socially and economically, we should all consider ways of helping ourselves, and getting a better life as those with less than what we have tend to understand how to fight more for their future. We are all geared towards accepting what is thrown our way assuming that, it is the best option, accepting a simple job and life is best but why? A simple job doesn't necessarily give you simpler life, just one with less responsibility. I argue that those with less than others to begin with grow up knowing how to fight, with more conviction for a better life, whereas those with a lot, and born within the 'right' circle can make a lot of money with relative ease. We all see on TV, newspapers, magazines, social media and the internet say how lucky we are compared to plenty of people around the world. We then go back to whining that someone ended their life in front of a train that then delays our journey, without even thinking about the struggles they were probably facing on a daily basis, but because our lives have been disrupted by an hour, we whine like little babies.

Forest schools are innovative, a great example is
From the day we go to school we are told to sit down, be quiet and never answer back to the teacher, except as I have stated before in a previous post, this is the wrong way round, surely we must question authority if it sounds wrong? Surely by questioning whether something is right or wrong, allows us all to learn from one another. Kids can sometimes come up with the most potent of questions when questioning about society, their innocence allows them have an unwavering sense of simplicity that sometimes should be adopted within most aspects of our lives as adults, however experiences can make the most optimistic of people bitter and I have seen this happen.

A line from Children of Men again sticks out in my mind, "As the sound of the playgrounds faded, the despair set in. Very odd what happens in a world without children’s voices." (Miriam, Children of Men, 2006) As much as you may or may not want kids yourself, this statement is true, children themselves offer hope regardless on your own views on having them or not, because they are the future, adults have to teach them to be the best they can be, without giving up on their convictions.

The reason the point above is made, is because we sit around whine about stuff that isn't important, the stuff that is incredibly important, we ignore because if we didn't then we would probably feel that our own lives have less meaning or importance, which is untrue. We can all do so much more for ourselves and the future, start by smiling whilst having the worst day of your life, a smile can make someone else's day. Even if most of us aren't going to change the world, perhaps you can inspire the person that does change the world? That could be something as simple as saying to them, work hard, concentrate but enjoy your life, don't let it slip away, try to understand those around you and be kind to them, no matter how hard you may find something, “Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone.” (Stanley Gordon-Smith, Growing an Inch, 2003)


1. Quote by Miriam when talking to Theo, Children of Men, film released in 2006.
2. Quote by Stanley Gordon-Smith, from the book Growing an Inch, published in 2003.
3. Image has been taken from google and represents forest schooling.

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Aylan Kurdi: A Pictures Story

When the picture of the Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian refugee who lay lifeless on a beach in turkey first surfaced in the public eye, it caused major outcry because it was the first time that an image captured the true tragedy behind the current refugee crisis and the true cost to human life. However the impact had another interesting affect, it wasn’t a negative nor a positive one but a reaction of just ignoring what is front of you. Which actually makes think of a line from doctor who from the episode World War Three, where Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor says about the human race “You’re happy to believe in something that’s invisible, but if it’s staring you in the face”—”Nope! Can’t see it.”

Don't turn away then forget, REMEMBER!
I feel this is an important point because too many people see this picture and as soon as it has gone away, the problem has too except this is simply not true. We know it is happening every day, where people are losing their lives trying to save themselves from certain death and yet too many claim that we need to look after our own, surely as a human to look after our own would mean looking after other humans however The picture has had 3 different affects;
1. Positive, where people have seen the true tragedy and have done more or would like to do more to help in any way possible but sometimes perhaps don’t know how, but either way it has affected them in the positive way.
2. Negative, unfortunately there are those who see other people from different societies as lesser than themselves which is simply not true. There have been unfortunate reports by specific columnists who claim that pictures of this nature are faked to build up support for refugees because apparently helping other human beings is a negative (this I do not understand, in the slightest).
The main issue I would like raise is the inconsistencies with what would be the 3rd affect and this would be the purposeful act of ignorance. Too many people have seen the picture then turned away from it after probably saying out loud or thinking “Oh that is terrible, I really feel for those people, it is such a terrible situation for them” then perhaps have a small chat or debate with their friends about the Britain’s current stance, whether we should be doing more etc.
Except after this they turn over the next page and seem to have this ideal that out of sight, out of mind, it is no longer happening, however as we all very well know that it is happening all the time. People are losing their lives to try to create a chance for better pastures, where it is a constant struggle and it just seems like because a lot of people don’t see it on a daily basis they forget or pretend that it is not happening, then proceed to go back to their lives then proceed to complain about the most innocuous, dull, and boring shit.

Again I am not saying it is wrong to complain but perhaps try and stop to think about what is going on around the world whilst you complain that the wifi is slow or that the takeaway you ordered is late, then think “surely, my life is not so bad”. The biggest problem is that it was a Syrian refugee, by this I mean if it were a white, British child it would create more uproar within the country and amongst the current PM and his Tory counterparts plus other politicians from other far right partys, except it wasn't and it was a Syrian refugee and due to reporting that called immigrants ‘cockroaches’ and the constant dehumanising of people who are trying to escape extreme conflict areas, that will result in their death if they stayed, creating this apparent aura that allows people to ignore the human aspect of this all.
I know I may have repeated myself within this post but I feel that you need to constantly remind people of the severe struggles of those within conflict zones, that have been partly caused by us, don’t read this then forget about the issues, try and do something or spread awareness, or the simple act of thinking that maybe, just maybe, my life isn’t so bad.

Friday, 25 September 2015

We All Need To Do More

As per the title, we all need to do more within our society, whilst most of us sit back and go to work then on our days off we tend to relax, which there is absolutely no issue with this as we all know. Especially in this country our bosses seem to think the longer we work creates more productivity which is completely untrue, you can get more work done in a 7 hour day than a 9 hour. This because as people we only have a certain length if time we can fully concentrate and be at our most productive, however the current system forces us to work more hours as we do not get paid enough to live on lets say a full-time contract of 37.5 or 39 hours a week (dependant on where you work).

Surely by the term 'full-time' we shouldn't be doing more than these hours because we should all be able to live off of this. The current working system is wrong, it doesn't reward everyone, and lets be honest we all know this but instead of trying to do something different, most people sit back and let it happen because they get sucked into a routine. I am not saying its bad to work hard regularly just bad to accept that you can't do anything about this, which especially in more recent times, a group of people's voices are louder than those on their own. No matter how high up they may be, stand up for yourselves don't sit and grumble about it, we are all entitled a living wage and not the 'living wage' Osbourne that will come into effect next year, as that particular living wage is outdate by about 5 years.

We all need to do more, to understand each other in order to create a better society for us all to live in, due to when I adventure into the realms of the world wide web, I wonder about how people can be comfortable with themselves. There is so much hate and anger in this world, pointed usually towards the minorities within their society, that simply do not have the voice or as big of a voice to defend themselves as adequately, so requires those who are willing and much more fairer to help fight for their voice with them. If we can understand what motivates us as individuals we would be in a much better place to help each when we need to.

Once earned it is NOT for life, it is
continually earned.
The refugee crisis is the biggest issue we face at the moment, because they are from a society that we don't understand, which is different from our own we then immediately place them all under the bracket of a danger to our society, when surely the only danger to our society is constant prejudice and hate. We all have a responsibility as humans to help other humans survive and live better lives, why can't we? It is a simple concept but yet so many of us, use stupid excuses so that we can justify the claim that we should look after our own, surely as a human being, our own would be a human being so why dehumanise people who are in desperate need for your own selfish needs? A question everyone should ask themselves, are they doing enough? The simple answer to this is no, as much as I say this on a probably perceived moral high ground, I do not have this, I don't do enough myself but I am at least trying to do more.

Lorenz Attractor as discovered by Edward Lorenz
The younger generation (yes younger than me and that isn't by much as a bigger picture, however I am closer to them so understand them a lot better). They have so much to look forward to, and to fight for but sometimes it seems all they are interested in is acting stupid when they shouldn't be, I don't mean in their personal lives but in a professional standard. When at work they act stupid without thinking "if I work hard here, then it will make me feel better and help set me up in the future". anyone 24+ should be looking at teenagers and younger thinking, how can I help and support them into growing up and as opposed to reading newspapers, hearing other people's opinions and media propaganda then believing it, question everything.

Whether it is positive or negative but question it! form your own opinions, create a world where we take nothing for granted and question what people tell us. From day one at school, we are told to sit down, be quiet, do as we are told and never question the teachers but why? when in late life we need to stand up, voice our opinions, do what we want to do and always question authority because at the end of the day, what is important is ideals that help us thrive as a society and if we continue to have this archaic view that children need to be told to not express themselves when is the next Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein, Edward Lorenz or Stephen Hawking going to come from, do you think they didn't question what they saw? We stand on in an era that human advancement is at its quickest but yet I feel slowing down because of this Hollywood obsession, placing celebrities at the peak of our society, you want to read more of my hate towards this there is a link to a past post at the bottom of this post, social media isn't helping but its use can be so much more profound and important yet we use it to show each other what we are eating.

We can all do so much more whether it is questioning our own bosses, being more understanding to every person around us or teaching the younger generation to understand and question everything but keeping to fairer ideals, to help understand each other and creating a better present and future for all of us.

As promised above:

Sunday, 20 September 2015

The Children Of Men Who Fear

Fear, it is a fascinating concept however a concept is all it is, it is not an emotion because fear creates negative emotion from the concept. Whether it is fear of loss, fear you will make mistakes, or fear of being hurt, as well as many other fears that people suffer from every day of their lives. These fears are born when we are faced with the unknown, and this is where the phrase, knowledge is power, becomes extremely poignant within the concept of fear, this is because once you have knowledge of the unknown there is less of the big bad wolf about it but the little old lady.

The problem is that fear can be a very controlling concept as it can generate a varying degree of emotions from anger, hate to sadness, it can even lead to a certain degree of apathy, it is a very powerful concept that cannot be underestimated or ignored. In all our personal lives we have experienced fear in some manner or the other, and it is how we deal with that fear that gives us more value to own lives as well as the thoughts of those around us, its also what we do with that fear, if we choose to do good, because fear inspires some people to change for the better and help those who need it, due to the fact that they find it harder to deal with the same fear, but unfortunately there are those who do bad with this fear, whether it is a criminal activity or not, fear can lead to hate, which is completely unjustified.

Leading example of this is prejudice against certain religions or races because they are different and have different cultures, however this because it is unknown, where they haven't or don't want to find out the information for themselves, as it fits within their own ideology of what is right and wrong plus when it comes to prejudices it is usually the morally wrong way of thinking as well.

Fear can cause us all the stand still when we need to move on, it can also inspire us to conquer those fears, everyone reacts differently, nevertheless you are able to change how you react through experience or support from other people, whilst remembering how you went about conquering those fears previously. Fear can also be used as a catalyst to inspire how we are in our lives, make want to do good, for example fear of becoming something you despise. Our lives and of those around us are all affected by our own decisions and to be led by fear is wrong, however to think about it, is not evil nor is it a negative and it is most definitely not scary, telling those around us is important even if most of the time it is unspoken, those true friends around you will always know regardless.

Refugees kept in a cage...
The title and this post has been inspired by a film that was based upon a book, and if you have worked it out then you will know that it is; Children Of Men. It is a truly remarkable film and portrays wonderfully how fear can affect us as a society, how we can degrade ourselves into becoming spiteful and hate everyone around us, despite them being in either a worse situation, or similar to our own if we have major issues, which lets be honest compared to a lot of countries, its nothing.

It also shows how fear and hate can lead to the complete mistreatment of innocent lives, the treatment of refugees in the film is barbaric and completely dehumanises them, similar (in the sense of how it is reported mostly) to what is happening in the world regarding the refugee crisis now, there is a quote by Jasper played by Michael Caine which is rather poignant on this matter, which he says “After escaping the worst atrocities and finally making it to England, our government hunts then down like cockroaches.” Although it isn't exactly the same, it shows that fear of the unknown can create severe prejudices, that causes flirtation with genocide.

No I am not saying what we are doing is as bad as that, but if you take things too far, you could accidentally and casually stroll onto the right wing, without even realising it then take a detour to prejudice and racism, then before you even realised it, eventually the path of fear leads you to a life of bitterness and anger, without believing you are like this, you continually believe you are right and are unable to intake information that proves you wrong with evidence to back it up, its this blindness and ignorance that can lead society becoming less tolerant and more unstable.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

What Our Forefathers Fought For Argument

When backing up a wholly morally wrong argument, the misuse, ignorance and arrogance to say "our forefathers fought our freedom" and this is often used when people talk about immigration, illegal or legal people seem to allow their bigoted points of views be justified through this argument, then they add the whole our country can't take it, when it can...we have been through 10 times worse and found a way through it, and if some people would care to look back through history at facts and figures, although when I say 'facts' it tends to be an interpretation on what they have heard from an unreliable source as opposed to doing actual research for themselves, you will very clearly see how immigration has benefitted this country and helped it to grow despite there always being an objection.

Same pic as I have used, but its poignant.
Lets take the prominent issue of the world at this point in time, the refugee crisis, people fleeing from their homes because of war and persecution. I saw someone post a rant about how much it is costing the country, surely there isn't a price on saving innocent peoples lives, surely you cannot dehumanise them that much just so you can sleep soundly at night, then not only did they list all the usual NHS, benefits (even though asylum seekers barely get any help, IF any at all), crowded schools (not sure if they realise that this will even be affected in the long term, although I feel the point got away from them and they were just spouting the usual crap), the whole if the shoe was on the other foot they wouldn't do it but the old saying of 2 wrongs don't make a right springs to mind and FINALLY the point of this whole post...the generation that fought for our freedom are freezing and starving to death every year, albeit very sad and obviously wrong...I don't think you can use this in argument stopping people who are risking their LIVES to escape an almost CERTAIN death, crossing waters that are FREEZING and with no or little food so STARVING themselves because they have no other choice, but the selfishness that we should only help our own is outdated and archaic.

Disclaimer: I disagree with this picture!!!
What our forefathers fought for and against is always an interesting point because most people will say freedom, and yes though it is true it is only partly correct because they fought for a lot more, it was called a world war for a reason so to use this as an argument against immigration of any kind and to selfishly concentrate on your own nationality is just plain ignorant in the what each world war was about, key word in all of this...guess what, WORLD you ignorant fucks, they fought against the ideology of genocide because you dislike a race of people, they fought for wrongful persecution and control upon a world by a fascist dictator who used concentration camps to torture and kill completely innocent people on a whim of an ideology. ideology can be a powerful force in the world, the wrong ideology in the 'right' hands (by 'right' I mean someone who is strong-willed enough and smart enough to convince others that this is correct, I don't literally mean that they were right, I DISAGREE with the whole ideology completely) can lead to devastating consequences.

When it comes to the refugee crisis, this isn't even the highest in our history, in WW1 we let in 250k Belgians, they set u a community and did their own thing then as soon as it was safe to go back, majority of them did because it was their homes that they left in the first place, plus their were many other nationalities just like in WW2 and the Jews, most of them went back to their homes because ultimately it is where they belonged and felt they wanted to be and look at the ones that stayed, they are now oh guess what British and I bet most people who spout the above, daily mail and daily express propaganda, wouldn't say a bad word against them because they were persecuted by someone with a abhorrent ideology, the only reason that the likes of ISIS haven't created an army is because thy don't have the resources or allies because the world we live in is actually more accepting its just this country that looks to be going backwards and this I believe is the arrogance of the a growing number of people (vocal people as well) with the idea that because they were born rather fortunately in a country that is free and gives you opportunity to change the world if you really want to, they immediately deserve everything as opposed to earning what you gain, respect is earned not a god given right, people should be judged on their choices not their race.

Even during one of the worst times, there was still joy.
If I could choose one moment in history that was left behind if we ever become extinct to remember us by it would be the Christmas Day truce of 1914, during one of the worst wars in our history let alone the rest of the world, two opposing regiments from the British and Germans, stopped fighting and had a football match on Christmas day, what does this tell you about humans...within the soul of each and everyone of us, we loathe fighting and even during one of the worst times of human history we could still find some joy even if it was for 24 hours, you could argue that our forefathers fought for the joy to be put back on the faces of those they loved and generations to come.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Getting Wasted, Wasting Life?

Enjoying ones life is important, getting the correct work-life balance ensuring that you are not overrun by work or that you are not wasting your life by although some people will argue that partying and having fun all the time is not wasting your life, however this is not what I mean. What I mean is that everyone finds ways to enjoy their lives differently except I feel that most people waste the enjoyment that life can really give you by working all week to then get wasted at the weekend, I have friends who travel the world, go on trips to a lot of places and that isn't wasting their life because they are getting out their seeing the world without relying on alcohol to enjoy it, so why do people rely so heavily on alcohol to enjoy their nights?

I went out for the first time in a while the other night, now while it was a good night we left the pub for a 'club' and when we got their, only one of us was drinking properly (I was doing a small experiment sorry guys! which I will get to) and I actually enjoyed it more not drinking however what I didn't enjoy was standing in a club with what was supposed to be music playing, clubs tend to be a haven for people who don't like, want, or able to have a decent conversation with someone which is not how I like to spend my evenings. talking to people is what makes us all grow as people, that interaction helps us understands who we are as people, yes its good to relax and let loose when we can but in the manner I saw this night, it makes me wonder are we just wasting our lives by doing this? Going to concert is different as well, because you are going to a place where there is live music of musicians that you enjoy but again people get wasted there which is a pointless endeavour as you may not remember the fact that you had a really good time, although there is a quote which comes to prominence in my mind as I write this "Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time" first attributed to Marthe Troly-Curtin in the book "Prynette Married" and I agree with this quote but the quote doesn't literally mean wasting your life away it is far deeper than that, which I am not going into now, that would take too much time but the basics are you can enjoy life with friends without falling into a dull, wasted existence.

What's the point, and where's the dignity?
I did whole clubbing scene when I was a bit younger and I don't regret any moment of it so those younger than I am, I don't blame them for doing it at all, it was a way to let loose and have fun but I couldn't do it now, I have moved on with my life enjoying it in a different way and personally I prefer this way, I think people who have very little going on tend to sway more to this lifestyle choice, however there are those who genuinely enjoy getting wasted...and that is great for them but I will also feel that there could be so much more that you can do with the time spent getting wasted then wasting an entire day recovering from a hangover. I looked around me and all I thought was that we have been given life to enjoy every single second of our lives, and a second wasted is a second you will never get back, and those seconds will add up as well! I asked myself this, did the refugees waste a second thinking whether they needed to risk their lives for better pastures, simple answer is no, they did not so why should we all waste those seconds wasted.

I did a small experiment of perception when others drink as I briefly stated before, I drank alcohol free beer and cider, as well as tonic water to give the perception that I was drinking to a few of those around me, and come the end of the night at least one of thought I was drinking the whole time, which to me shows that clearly all alcohol does to you on a night is alter your perception into thinking you are enjoying yourself, the helps you forget the fact that it is shit music in a shit club so that you can't remember that the club was shit and the most enjoyable part was the socialising in the pub before you moved into a building with just loud noises going on which stops you talking and enjoying socialising so then you drink more to give the perception that it is good. People go to dance which is fair enough as well, but if you go to do dance then you don't need alcohol for that either and I know people who do just that, which is fair play to them but they don't do it regularly, just every so often when they don't really have anything else to do.


1. 1911, Phrynette‎ by Marthe Troly-Curtin, J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia and London.